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This is private information, meaning nothing here would be known unless Kai decided to directly share it in character!

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Introduction & Backstory

Kai'Razu, was born and raised aboard the Niksha, a ship within the Quarian flotilla. From a young age, his curiosity and affinity for technology led him to tinker with various devices, often breaking them in his pursuit of understanding their inner workings. However, his true passion lay in the universal language of music. Even as a youth, Kai found himself captivated by the diverse musical traditions of other cultures and races, fascinated by the differences and similarities in their compositions and the instruments they employed. He yearned to create his own music, to evoke the same emotions and connections in others that he experienced when listening to the melodies from across the galaxy.


Kai's mother recognized his talent and enthusiasm, supporting his musical endeavors by acquiring a digital instrument that he could play on his Omni-Tool since physical instruments were scarce within the flotilla. With his mother's encouragement, Kai began composing his own tunes, experimenting with sounds and rhythms, honing his skills as a self-taught musician. Tragedy struck, when his parents met their untimely demise in a crash landing. Overwhelmed by grief, he withdrew from others, seeking solace in his music. Pouring his heart and emotions into his compositions, Kai's music became an outlet for his pain, becoming increasingly heartfelt and resonant.


Encouraged by a few close friends, Kai decided to share his musical creations with the wider galaxy. He cautiously posted his pieces on various extranet platforms, still keeping his Quarian identity concealed, fearing that potential biases or judgments based on his race might overshadow the genuine emotional connection his music could establish. To his surprise, Kai’s music struck a chord with listeners across the galaxy. The depth of emotion and relatability conveyed through his compositions touched the hearts of many, even without the need for lyrics. Soon, his music gained recognition and popularity, with clubs, social spaces, and popular extranet sites featuring his melodies.


While Kai reveled in the joy of his music reaching a broad audience, he continued to maintain his humble anonymity as a Quarian, hiding his true identity from fans. He preferred that his music be appreciated for what it is, rather than judged based on preconceptions or biases associated with his race. As his journey unfolds, he navigates the challenges of fame and artistic expression while grappling with the longing for his lost family and the desire to find his own story in the vast galaxy.

Music Career

( Primary )

Hello, this is me speaking off the books here for a moment!

In terms of Kai's music career, I have decided to withhold most of the specific details about his musical journey for now. While I have previously written many intricate aspects and details about his music over the last few years, I prefer not to finalize anything quite yet until I thoroughly flesh out all of this information. As a real-life musician myself, I plan to write some songs that can be used to reflect Kai, giving him actual music that ties in with his character.

While I may reference his music career in Role Play, I won't delve into the names of songs he has created, the artist pseudonym he uses, or any other specifics. His music career is intended to remain anonymous, so none of this missing information would be discussed outside of his super close acquaintances anyway.

Thank you for your understanding!

Enviro-Suit Career

( Secondary )

This information is also a WIP! This website is very new so im still working on all of this.


-Thanks for your understanding!

❝ As the stardust that made me, so shall I find my own light within. ❞ 


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